BSEchronology to

2 January 1998

BSEchronology to

Mar 20, 1996

Nov 1986 – Central Veterinary Laboratory identifies new disease after cow referred for post mortem.

April 1987 – Initial 200 herd case study begins.

June 1987 – MAFF chief vet warns ministers of new disease and begins transmission experiment.

Dec 1987 – Ruminant meat and bonemeal blamed as only viable hypothesis for cause.

Jan-Mar 1988 – Feed histories of infected animals double checked.

April-May 1988 – Information from compounders implicates meat and bonemeal.

June 1988 – BSE Order bans sale, use and supply of certain feeds for ruminants, and makes BSE notifiable disease

– Working Party issued interim advice to destroy affected cattle.

July 1988 – Slaughter policy introduced and feed ban enforced.

Aug 1988 – BSE compensation order introduced.

Dec 1988 – Sale of milk from infected cattle banned.

– BSE designated transmissable between species.

July 1989 – Export ban of cattle born before July 1988.

Nov 1989 – Bovine offal ban introduced.

April 1990 – Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee established.

Sept 1990 – Tyrrell committee advise no implications for human health despite transmission of BSE to pig in lab tests.

– SBO ban extended to all animal feeds.

March 1991 – BSE confirmed in calf born after ruminant feed ban.

March 1992 – SEAC declare BSE measures adequate.

May 1992 – Embryo trade restrictions introduced.

July 1993 – 100,000th BSE case reported.

July 1995 – Routine monitoring introduced in feed mills.

Aug 1995 – Specified Bovine Offal order introduces tighter controls.

March 1996 – SEAC announces that CJD surveillance unit has identified a previously unknown disease pattern and that it may be linked to beef consumed before SBO ban in 1989.

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