Buccleuch to move into lamb processing

2 March 2001

Buccleuch to move into lamb processing

PRIME beef seller, Buccleuch Scotch beef, is to expand into lamb.

The farmers marketing organisation, which carved out a lucrative slice of the quality beef market from the Borders and south-west Scotland since setting up four years ago, is planning a significant expansion programme centred on the Castle Douglas abattoir it acquired last July.

Buccleuch are expected to reopen the abattoirs former lamb line to handle a predicted 1500 lambs a week by the end of June and double that figure within 18 months.

Cattle capacity is expected to double to 250 a week.

Managing director, Brian Forrester, said customers had been "screaming out" for branded quality lamb.

None will be exported or sold to supermarkets.

"A lot of wholesalers tend to cream off the top end of the lamb (for those markets) and the retailers get the best of what is left.

"We intend to put our retail customers first." &#42

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