Buggy bales out in the hills

16 October 1998

Buggy bales out in the hills

DAISYD has launched the Bale Buggy, designed to enable round bales to be transported by ATV to livestock on hills. Suitable for all makes of quad bike – and 4WD utility vehicles – the Bale Buggy is a chassis on which is mounted a rotating open frame, one side comprising a triangular section back plate, the other a pair of bale spikes.

To load a bale, tension on either a handbrake or electric winch cable is released to lower the spikes to the horizontal and the unit is reversed into the bale, which is then winched upright to an angle of around 45deg.

At the unloading point, the cable is slackened off and the bale rotates back to the ground under gravity. &#42

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