Bulls buck the price trend just

By FWi staff

FINISHED cattle prices at auction markets across England and Wales yesterday were slightly down on the week at 87.53p/kg. But as usual there were more losers than winners.

Most of the winners were among young bulls, which met with a mixed trade but commanded better prices than heifers or steers. Light bulls eased 0.29p to 90.48p/kg. Medium bulls fell 1.21p to 90.06p/kg. Heavy bulls gained 0.92p to 88.29p/kg.

All female cattle prices were down on last week. Light heifers fell 2.93p to 85.07p/ kg. Medium heifers slid back by almost a penny to 86.36p/kg. Heavy heifers eased 0.61p to 85.98p/kg.

Light steers dropped by 4.59p to 85.10p/kg. Auctioneers blame a small sample of poorer quality cattle which met lower demand. Medium steers were up 1.19p to 88.68p/kg. Heavy steers made 0.49p more than last week and sold for 87.25p/kg.

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