Burger chain to join cruelty prevention scheme?

18 February 1998

Burger chain to join cruelty prevention scheme?

MCDONALDS and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(RSPCA) have held exploratory discussions about a “kitemark” scheme to prevent
cruelty in the rearing, slaughter and transportation of animals.

Representatives from both organisations met at the chains London
headquarters to talk about the possibility of the company joining the societys
Freedom Food initiative.

The scheme obliges members to follow RSPCA rules about the care of animals at
all stages of the food chain.

The meeting follows criticism of McDonalds in the “McLibel” trial at the High Court last June. The company was stung by the words of Mr Justice Bell, who said the company had cruelly treated pigs, cattle and chickens. Nevertheless, he found in favour of the company against a leaflet issued by London Greenpeace.

  • The Daily Telegraph 18/02/98 page 7

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