Buy Scottish grain to make Scotch

25 February 1999

‘Buy Scottish grain to make Scotch’

SCOTTISH maltsters are being urged to buy Scottish grain if they want to produce Scotch whisky, delegates were told at a grain growers conference at Scone.

One speaker said there were lessons to be learned from the controversy over cattle from England which were labelled Scotch after crossing the border before slaughter.

The move would mirror the practice adopted by some producers of French cognac, who insisted on grapes being harvested from a particular area.

Scottish maltsters bought 600,000 tonnes from the 1998 malting barley harvest and imported about 150,000 tonnes.

But the 1999 harvest is expected to produce 900,000 tonnes against an expected malting requirement of 705,000 tonnes.

The distilling industry is expected to see reduced demand for grain for the next two years before the market recovers.

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