Buying a new farm vehicle?

26 February 1999

Buying a new farm vehicle?

If youre in the market for a farm vehicle, whether its a family saloon or a rugged off-roader, farmers weekly has some exciting news for you.

We have joined forces with NFU Mutual Finance to pioneer a fresh approach to buying new cars in the UK. Vehicles Direct gives you the power to deal directly with the manufacturers to secure the best possible deal.

Order from your armchair or farm office, choosing flexible payment options to suit your circumstances and then sit back to count your savings.

Heres how it works. Simply call the Vehicles Direct hotline between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday, to hear a quote for the car or vehicle of your choice. Place your order and then wait for the vehicle to be delivered directly to your door.

There are no arrangement fees for NFU members and all you pay is the first monthly contract payment. Moreover, in these difficult times, you dont have to pay for the vehicle immediately – you can take up to five years.

Choose your payment plan, whether hire purchase or cost personal contract purchase to suit your individual circumstance.

Using the hire purchase option the car becomes yours at the end of the contract period (APR 11.28%).

Choosing personal contract purchase gives you three options. You can hand back the vehicle, subject to return conditions, acquire a new vehicle with PCP subject to status (APR 11.28%) or you can acquire the vehicle outright.

So if you pride yourself on driving a good deal, then heres your chance to prove it. Simply pick-up the phone today and call Vehicles Direct (0845-601 0026).

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