BYDV danger for early drillers: BASF

12 September 2001

BYDV danger for early drillers: BASF

By Tom Allen-Stevens

SPRAY manufacturer BASF has warned growers of the increased risk of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus from early-drilling.

Many growers will be drilling early to avoid a repetition of last years problems caused by wet weather, said Dave Marris, product manager for insecticides.

“At the same time, the larger area being planted will just add to the number of crops at risk.” Fields most at risk are those that are sheltered or near woodland.

“A key cultural control method is to destroy any green bridge with glyphosate well before drilling,” he advised.

Growers drilling before the end of September should back this up with a good pyrethroid spray, he added.

“It is essential to be ready to spray crops just after emergence, since early aphid attacks are usually the most serious.”


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