Café society in froth over flat milk

4 December 2000

Café society in froth over flat milk

By FWi staff

COFFEE drinkers are getting in a froth because their favourite beverage is a little flat – and farmers are being blamed.

Complaints that cappuccinos have an alarming lack of bubbles have prompted the Pret a Manger chain to hand out leaflets offering an explanation

Food scientist Dr Heva Ranjith told the Daily Express the autumn switch from grass to silage results in a temporary imbalance in cows milk.

Taste and quality are not affected, and this appears to correct itself within a few weeks.

Shropshire organic farmer David Stacey said the complex balance between protein and milk was responsible for the quality of the bubbles.

In New Zealand, the Express reports, farmers claim to have come up with milk which is perfect for frothy cappuccinos.

However, British experts are sceptical about such claims.

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