Campaigners launch meat report

10 October 2000

Campaigners launch meat report

By FWi staff

REGULATIONS which control the meat industry must be eased, claimed campaigners at the launch of a report in London on Tuesday (10 October).

The report, together with a volume of supporting evidence, was launched at Smiths of Smithfield, a restaurant in the capitals wholesale meat market area.

It was written by a committee of experts set up by a group which calls itself Honest Food – the Campaign for Independent Food.

The committee found that the present regulatory regime is inappropriate to the meat industry, claiming that many rules are based on out-of-date assumptions.

The experts believe that the regimes insistence on veterinary physical inspection is based on the science of the 1890s rather than the present day.

They claim that regulations are often too expensive and burdensome for producers – and warn that raw meat production is hampered by too many rules.

Urgent action must be taken if a varied and flexible meat industry is to survive and flourish, according to recommendations made by the committee.

Such a move would benefit the rural economy and the environment, maintain high levels of animal welfare, and sustain consumer choice, it adds.

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