Carrier cuts compaction

15 May 1998

Carrier cuts compaction

RICHARD Larrington has given field-scale salad crop growers a pick-me-up with the introduction of its Undercreeper.

Claimed to be the first British built implement of its type, the Undercreeper is designed to lift fully laden trailers of up to 12t, enabling them to be carried from the field to the headland. This reduces rutting and soil compaction problems for growers who need to harvest in all conditions to meet supermarket contracts.

The Undercreeper is fitted with 60cm (24in) or 67.5cm (27in) tracks, depending on customer choice. Used behind a crawler tractor or half track – a self-propelled version is under development – the unit is reversed under the trailer from the side. When it is in position, hydraulic clamps are deployed before the trailer is lifted, turned through 90í and lowered so its wheels fit into special cups.

Ground pressure is said to be 5.39psi when carrying a 10t gross weight trailer. Price of the Undercreeper is £38,000. &#42

All aboard… Larringtons Tracked Undercreeper minimises compaction by physically carrying laden trailers from the field.

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