Carrying calves in ATVcomfort

14 June 2002


Carrying calves in ATVcomfort

SAFE and comfortable is how C-Dax Europe describe their latest ATV mounted product. The Shuttle Calf Carrier is designed to fit to the back of most ATVs and features holes for the calfs front legs and a hind quarter aperture.

Manufactured from polythene, the unit will provide comfort and support to a young animal and can carry a calf up to 75kg, according to the manufacturer.

When moving calves in from the field the calf remains in sight of its mother at all times, this, the manufacturer says, allows both cow and calf to be moved with the minimum of stress.

The carrier can either be supplied with or without the C-Dax Quick Smart mounting system and costs £275 with the mounting system or £175 without (01953-609998, fax 01953-609999).

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