Case sprayer changes include bigger cabs, more clearance

6 November 1998

Case sprayer changes include bigger cabs, more clearance

CHANGES to the Case sprayer line-up for the 1999 season include a larger cab for the 2500 SP and 3000 SP self-propelled sprayers, and greater ground clearance for the trailed range.

Powered by 152hp Cummins engines, the self-propelled models are offered with hydraulically folding booms with widths from 18m to 28m. A spraying system which allows ground-speed related application rates is standard, with speed, area, ouput and tank level all monitored – data transfer to a pc is optional.

For the trailed machines, ground clearance has been increased to 73cm (29in) while a track adjustment from 1.5m to 2m (60in to 80in) remains as standard.

In addition, Case has improved the braking system on 2600, 3000 and 3600-litre models to allow, says the company, safe towing speeds of up to 25mph. Air braking is now also an option as is a choice of Self-trak, Multi-trak and Steer-trak drawbar steering devices. A factory fitted option for all Case sprayers is a system of delivering chemical to the nozzles by circulating chemical through the spraylines and back to the tank, purging clean water from the previous washout. This is designed to prevent any under dosing when spraying commences. Using pressure rather than suction, any build up of residue in the spraylines is prevented due to the constant movement of the liquid.

Included in the spec is a dry sight gauge which employs a float and pulley system &#42

Extra ground clearance for the Case 3000 TS trailed sprayer.

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