7 June 2002


COME up with a scheme to promote school milk involving your local dairy company and you could get cash aid from the Milk Development Council.

The MDC, launching the second round of its Promotional Grant Scheme, is offering to "match fund" money spent by processing companies on "generic" projects.

Farmers, parents and school groups with ideas should work with their local dairy company, says MDC promotions manager Emily Ewbank.

Any money that company invests could then be matched by the MDC, as part of its drive to expand the market for milk and milk products.

Initiatives to boost school milk consumption are an important part of the Promotion Scheme, spending on which could hit £2.2m this year, says Miss Ewbank. "We clearly see it as an area with an awful lot of potential.

"It increases milk sales and gets kids into the habit of drinking milk at an early age."

The MDC is happy to discuss ideas with people before they contact a processing firm. "If youve got an idea, come to us," urges Miss Ewbank.

Kevin Bellamy, MDC chief executive, says: "Never before has the MDC offered an opportunity like this to individual dairy companies. We are keen to move forward and believe dairy companies are also."

&#8226 Contact Miss Ewbank on 01285-646513. Or check out the web-site at

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