Cattle poisoned after flood blast?

20 November 2000

Cattle poisoned after flood blast?

By FWi staff

MORE than 40 cattle are thought to have been poisoned following a series of explosions at a chemical treatment plant in Gloucestershire.

Veterinary experts are waiting for test results from 42 Friesian cross-bred calves belonging to Mike and Jean Smith of Norton Court Farm, Norton.

The animals became ill when they were moved to the farm after explosions rocked the Cleansing Service Group plant at Sandhurst on 30 October.

Flooding caused by heavy rain is suspected of spreading pollution from the plant to 40ha (100 acres) of land used for grazing and growing fodder beet.

Mrs Smith said: “We are not sure whether the fields have been contaminated and were not sure whether the land is safe.”

Other farmers in the area have also reported problems.

The National Farmers Union said up to 20 farmers in the Sandhurst area had been affected by the explosion, including Bert Mayo of Barrow Farm.

Three calves belonging to Mr Mayo died in the same field soon after the explosion. Veterinary experts said the cause was as yet unknown.

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