Cattle TB outbreak blamed on badgers

05 August 1998

Cattle TB outbreak blamed on badgers

A FARMER has lost most of his dairy herd after an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis which he blamed on badgers.

Mr Tim Pain, of Tortworth, Gloucestershie, has 26 milkers left from a herd that was 80 strong in March.

He claims two badger setts in woodland near his farm are the source of the outbreak.

There is currently an official moratorium on culling, which can be broken only if Mr Pains farm falls within “hot spot” areas identified by the Government. There has been delay in putting Mr Pains farm in this category.

The National Farmers Union says bovine TB cases have leapt since badger culling was halted 12 months ago and says the entire cattle population is at risk.

Mr Pain says his income has “gone out of the window” since the infection hit. Compensation payments for the slaughtered cattle are calculated at 75% of the average market value.

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