Champion look for shampoos &sprays

8 December 2000

Champion look for shampoos &sprays

TRY the UltraGroom range of shampoos, setting lotions and setting sprays designed just to make the most of livestock and it may improve winning potential, says Ritchey Tagg.

Its new range of dressing and grooming products is said to be based on award-winning formulations, used by professionals, that will enhance natural colour, body and shine.

The company says that its super-enriched shampoos ensure hair is in perfect condition. Setting lotions will then augment colour, adding lift and shine. Finally, a spray of a coat or setting spray should finish the preparation.

Shampoo prices start at £7.10 for 2.5 litres, setting lotions cost from £23.75 for four litres and 400ml setting sprays from £7.35 (01765-689541, fax 01765-689851).

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