Chance for disabled to enjoy outdoor life

9 January 1998

Chance for disabled to enjoy outdoor life

MOST of us, thankfully, enjoy a full set of limbs and are able to follow countryside pursuits either on foot or in the vehicle of our choice.

But there are those who are physically disabled and, for the want of suitable transport, cannot participate in country sports or merely enjoy the freedom the countryside allows. It is a situation which may now have been resolved – at least for those who have full use of their arms and shoulders.

Stephen Skurray of Baughurst, near Tadley, Hants, has designed and built a petrol-engined transporter which, he claims, allows access to fields, woods, bridle paths and participation in outdoor events.

The Gofar is powered by a 9hp Briggs and Stratton with electric start driving through a mechanical transmission for a 4mph top speed in forwards or reverse. Only the front 57cm diameter x 26cm wide (23in x 10.5in) wheels are driven with the rear axle used for steering.

Controls comprise a throttle and transmission for one hand and a steering handle for the other. Brakes are automatically engaged when neutral is selected. For wheelchair-bound operators, the Gofars seat comes down and forwards to wheelchair height, to enable a transfer to take place. Once in the seat the operator is powered back into the driving position.

Standard features include an adjustable seat with suspension, armrests and full safety harness. Price, depending on specification, starts at £7000. &#42

Stephen Skurrys Gofar buggy opens up the countryside for the disabled.

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