Chancellor Alistair Darling in farmers’ firing line

Calls by Chancellor Alistair Darling for a “fundamental reform of Europe’s agricultural sector” have been descibed as predictable and shortsighted.

Writing on his blog, FW columnist David Richardson said: “He was said to be of the opinion that some parts of the CAP keep food prices above world market levels and he wants an end to all direct payments to farmers because they are “unacceptable”.

“Surprise, surprise. It is the typical short sighted reaction of a politician who seeks to shift the blame for high food prices from government to producers. Never mind international agreements; forget that it was his (and other) governments policies that led to the decline in domestic production. He ignores the fact that goverments around the world were warned for years that they were heading for a food supply disaster that is now happening forcing prices up because of insufficient supply.”

Read the rest of David’s post and add your own comments.


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