Charges dropped against farm leader

26 June 2001

Charges dropped against farm leader

THE Crown Prosecution Service has dropped a charge of obstruction against farmers leader David Handley, it emerged on Tuesday (26 June).

Mr Handley, 49, of Old Llanishen Farm, Llangovan, nr Monmouth, was to have stood trial later this month accused of obstructing the highway.

The alleged incident related to a farmers protest at a Dairy Crest depot.

But the Crown Prosecution Service has now announced that the case is not
being proceeded with due to a lack of evidence.

Mr Handley was one of the leaders of last autumns fuel protests.

He was arrested outside the Dairy Crest depot in Oldends Lane, Stonehouse, Gloucestershure, during a farmers protest about milk prices on 1 February.

The charge against Mr Handley alleged that he refused to move from outside the Dairy Crest gates during a protest by 30-40 farmers.

Two other protestors were arrested at the same time as Mr Handley but accepted police cautions and were not charged.

Mr Handley denied the charge before Stroud Magistrates earlier this year.

He was supported by a cavalcade of banner-bearing tractors and four-wheel-drive vehicles driven by members of his Farmers for Action Group.

The case was delayed because of the foot and mouth crisis. But Mr Handley said that the matter was not over as far as he was concerned.

He hinted that he would be bringing an action against the police for wrongful
arrest. There is a lot more to this yet,” he said.

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