Charles backs British beef

13 October 1999

Charles backs British beef

By Shelley Wright

PRINCE Charles has given his full support this week to farmers efforts aimed at restarting a meaningful beef export trade with the rest of the world.

In Edinburgh to launch a new Meat and Livestock Commission education pack, the prince said Scotch beef, like all British beef, was a world renowned product.

Without directly referring to the French and German governments ongoing ban on British beef, he highlighted all the safety controls the industry has put in place.

“The list is impressive and should leave no-one in any doubt that we have now achieved the highest standards of quality control to meet the high standards rightly required by the EU,” he said.

During the visit Prince Charles talked to about 30 farmers and industry representatives who told him of the difficulties afflicting all sectors of agriculture.

He seemed well aware of the problems and highlighted that the beauty of the countryside was dependent on the wellbeing of the farming community.

“The countryside which impresses so many visitors doesnt actually happen by chance,” he said.

“It is maintained by the farmers who tend and care for it, and it is farming which keeps so many rural communities alive and which maintains that delicate balance which creates our precious countryside.”

“The contribution farmers made to the life of Scotland and the whole of the UK is, I believe, invaluable,” he told listeners.”

The MLC education pack is based on a video, filmed at Scotbeef in East Kilbride, and shows the development from concept to the market place of a beef joint.

The pack includes notes for teachers and pupils explaining the value of meat in a healthy, balanced diet.

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