Charles bans farmers from growing GMs

11 June 1999

Charles bans farmers from growing GMs

THE Prince of Wales is banning new tenant farmers in the Duchy of Cornwall from growing GM crops.

The Prince has asked his lawyers to draft new contracts which will include a specific ban on GM crops being grown by Duchy tenants.

The Duchys existing 200 tenants in Cornwall, Devon and South Wales will not be covered by the new rules and are free to choose their own crops.

But any tenant wishing to grow the crops is expected to discuss the issue with senior Duchy staff.

Meanwhile, former Beatle Paul McCartney is spending 3m rebuilding consumer confidence in his late wifes vegetarian food range.

A television programme discovered that some of the meals earlier this year contained genetically modified (GM) soya.

Some products in the Linda McCartney Foods range were found to contain traces of Monsantos Round-Up Ready soya.

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