Cheap diesel drying

9 November 2001

Cheap diesel drying

USING diesel rather than electric motor-driven fans to dry grain in large stores sheds can cut drying costs by 25% when installation and operating costs are taken into account, claims Hardcastle Ventacrop.

The companys latest HVR 70 fan is powered by a naturally aspirated 6cyl Iveco diesel engine – a model deemed to be more efficient than the 65D model it replaces.

Running at 1600rpm, the direct drive fan can deliver variable airflows to suit non-heated or heated stores which use grain stirrers.

Factory fitted to the HVR 70 is a digital performance monitoring system designed to provide instant shut down in case of high engine speeds, together with high temperature or low oil pressure.

For the 2002 harvest, Hardcastle Ventacrop will also make a new series of engine driven centrifugal fans featuring a manually operated clutch and belt drive system.

The HVR 70 costs under £13,000, says Hardcastle Ventacrop. &#42

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