Cheaper spreaders are every bit as accurate

18 July 1997

Cheaper spreaders are every bit as accurate

USING the same spreading mechanism as Lelys Supabowl twin disc fertiliser spreaders are the firms smaller, cheaper Centreliner SE models, developed with the grassland farmer in mind.

Designated SE 1500, SE 2000 and SE 2500, with hopper capacities of 760, 1025 and 1300 litres, the twin-disc models offer spread widths from 6 to 18m (19.6ft to 60ft).

"The SE range has been developed as a low cost alternative to the Centreliner Supabowl models. They share the same spreading mechanism but have smaller hopper capacities," explains Lelys Peter Wheeler.

Application rates are set using a single pin adjuster/quadrant, while spreading is via revolving hopper bottoms to feed material on to the spinning discs. A double-double overlapping spread pattern is claimed to provide accuracy without striping.

A headland tilt ram and hopper screens are fitted as standard. Prices start at £2850 for the SE 1500. &#42

Lely says that by using the Supabowl models spreading mechanism in the cheaper Centreliner SE spreader range, accuracy is maintained.

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