Check additive stability

18 July 1997

Check additive stability

OVER half the additives tested on fermented whole-crop wheat reduced aerobic stability in latest Kingshay Farming Trust tests.

Kingshay chairman Martin Hutchinson says that, although most additives showed improvements in either ME, ammonia N, volatile acids or starch, in practice these changes were quite small. But changes in aerobic stability were more variable.

The untreated control crops at 35% and 45% dry matter had good aerobic stability. But the worst additive treated crop, which was 45% DM, had poorer stability and heated almost twice as quickly, says Mr Hutchinson.

The 11 additives tested included acids, salts, inoculants and enzymes costing from 80p/t to over £3/t.

Fermeneted whole-crop is prone to quick deterioration. That means producers need to select an additive to improve aerobic stability when feeding only small amounts of whole-crop and leaving an open face, he adds.n

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