Check cause

23 January 1998

Check cause

of lameness

DAIRY producers concerned about the incidence of lameness following wet, soggy weather should consider the cause before deciding on treatment.

Devon vet Andrew Biggs advises that lameness cases tend to occur in clusters.

When caused by digital dermatitis antibiotic footbaths are advised, depending on vet advice.

But where cases of white line damage and ulcers are found these are physical injury. These need preventative foot trimming and footbathing in zinc sulphate or formalin to harden horn, says Mr Biggs.

Also ensure beds are comfortable so cows lie down for sufficient time, reducing risk of lameness. In loose housing use dry straw and check drainage. When cows are in cubicles avoid over stocking.

He advises checking for the cause of physical injury by examining concrete surfaces, especially in self-feed silage pits.

Foul-in-the-foot occurs in wet conditions. Remove old horn by trimming and scrape slurry passageways twice a day, he says. &#42

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