Check IACS for protein problems

ARABLE FARMERS should double check their IACS forms when completing information regarding protein crops or risk losing their Protein Premium.

Richard Means of farm business consultant Strutt & Parker said farmers who filled out the forms incorrectly could lose out on about £37/ha (£15/acre).

Although the protein premium is not new, this is the first year that farmers have had to apply for it in the IACS form.

And the instructions given by DEFRA were “slightly ambiguous”, said Mr Means.

“In previous years all you had to do was put in the one code and you would automatically be paid the Protein Premium.”

Now, farmers must enter the usual crop code in column ‘M‘ of the field data sheets.

The relevant Protein Premium Scheme code found on page 14 of the IACS supplement must be entered in column ‘T‘ and the ‘yes‘ box in section X of the base form must also be ticked, he said.

The deadline for submission of IACS forms is May 17.

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