Chief gives MPs list of priorities

12 May 2000

Chief gives MPs list of priorities

BOB Parry, president, delivered a long shopping list of demands to politicians at the Aberystwyth meeting.

Top priority was action, including the purchase of ks and a cut in interest rates, to stabilise and then reduce the value of sterling. Mr Parry also urged the Chancellor of the Exchequer to use the mobile phone auction windfall to match EU Objective 1 cash in full.

The government should order the Ministry of Defence to source all its lamb from the UK, and immediately lift the ban on exports of live cattle. Though he described the first year performance of the national assembly as "dithering and disappointing", he agreed with those campaigning for new legislation to give it more powers to find Welsh solutions to Welsh problems. The assembly should be empowered to do much more to secure a firm financial future for young people who chose to make a career in farming.

"As a union we too must ensure that there continues to be a healthy and viable farming sector in Wales not only for ourselves, but also for our children and our childrens children."

After making a fierce attack on supermarkets, which, despite making massive profits, ruthlessly squeezed the life out of farmers, Mr Parry called for processors and retailers to treat primary producers as equal business partners.

In the wake of the inquiry into the relationships between supermarkets and their suppliers, the government should foster new partnerships in which farmers were treated as equals and not subordinates.

Bob Parry attacked supermarkets for squeezing the life out of farmers.

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