Chill cause of scouring

11 January 2002

Chill cause of scouring

SCOURING in piglets as young as three days old in the farrowing house could be caused by chilling, warns Cotswold International.

Company consultant Paul Wright says a surprising number of farrowing houses have air inlets positioned directly opposite creep areas. This allows sub-zero temperatures to drop onto piglets, causing them to become chilled and then scour.

"Producers should check if piglets are under heat lamps. When they arent, test the creep area for cold draughts," advises Mr Wright.

"To overcome the problem, inlets should be moved so air flows over the piglets dunging area or change the farrowing pen layout. Either way, piglets must be kept out of cold air."

Modifications to air inlets will probably result in lower piglet mortality and reduce medication costs, he adds. &#42

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