Chinese win after virus slur

26 September 2001

Chinese win after virus slur

By FWi staff

NATIONAL newspapers report that a group of Chinese restaurants have won 20,000 in compensation over stories claiming they were to blame for foot-and-mouth.

The Independent reports that the restaurants, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne saw a 40% drop in takings after press stories claimed the disease was spread by pigswill from a restaurant using illegally imported meat.

Clint Woo of Chinatown Traders Association told the papers his colleagues deserved the compensation.

“We deserve [this] for the damage that was caused to our businesses by the unfounded rumours, which also caused threats and racist comments,” he told the paper.

He added: “Things have improved in the last few weeks. But there is still prejudice and people have got out of the habit of coming here.

“We are going to use this money to attract people back here.”.

Barry Speker, a Newcastle solicitor representing the Chinatown traders, told theDaily Mail the rumours were very damaging.

“The government wanted to do something to put it right.”

The paper reports that the cash was claimed through One North East, the regions regeneration body.

One North East is backed by the Governments rural regeneration fund, set up to compensate those who had suffered due to the crisis.

The paper also comments that, this payout is understood to be the first for damage to reputation under the 50 million foot-and-mouth compensation scheme.


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