Chip with grains best

28 June 2002

Chip with grains best

CHIPPING wood with the grain rather than against, improves cutting performance and fuel efficiency, says chipper supplier Kendall Machinery.

The firms latest Bandit chippers employ a 30cm diameter cutting disc to chop material up to 23cm (9in) thick at a 45í angle.

Chipping at 45í also reduces fuel consumption and is said to make the task of feeding material into the machine easier.

Available with engines up to 80hp, the 90XP and 90W-XP chippers are designed to be capable of processing up to 400cu yards of brush a day.

The chippers feature a 43cm (17in) wide intake which can accept dense brush and stemmy material, in addition to tree limbs. Should a blockage occur, the chippers employ an auto-feed system which can be reversed.

For chipping fibrous brush, Kendall offers the 95 chipper model which cuts material at a 90í angle using chipper knives and a feed wheel. &#42

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