Chirac calls for bonemeal ban

8 November 2000

Chirac calls for bonemeal ban

By FWi staff

PRESIDENT CHIRAC has called on the Socialist-led French government to immediately ban meat and bonemeal feed for all animals, reports The Times.

He said this, along with systematic tests for BSE, was essential for public health.

Animal feed containing cattle remains is legal in France for pigs and poultry, and its crossover use for cattle is reported to have caused current BSE cases.

Prime Minister Lionel Jospin has promised to ban all of the meal “as soon as possible”.

As panic grows over contaminated beef, sales have dropped by 40% and it has been taken off the menus at numerous schools.

The French health minister has warned that her country must expect dozens of cases of the human form of BSE, reports the Daily Mail.

Dominique Gillots announcement comes in stark contrast to the previous policy to play down the BSE issue.

Meanwhile in Britain, verdicts of misadventure have been returned on three people who died from “unnatural causes”, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

The inquest at Crewe heard that Kirsty Garven, 20, had enjoyed a diet of hamburgers and meatballs, reports The Times.

The Cheshire Coroner said the deaths of Ms Garven, Alison Thorpe, 25, and Thomas Gemmel, 17, were caused by contaminated meat in the food chain.

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