CIWFin mart pig quiz

17 July 1998

CIWFin mart pig quiz

ANIMAL welfare group Compassion in World Farming is to quiz supermarkets on what their pigmeat buying policies will be after Jan 1 when the UK introduces its unilateral ban on stalls and tethers.

Campaigns director Philip Lymbery said that the British public wanted the stalls and tethers ban introduced on welfare grounds. But he suggested that many retailers, while pledging to source stall-and-tether-free pigmeat for their own-brand products, planned also to continue importing from countries that did not meet UK standards.

Mr Lymbery said CIWF was unsatisfied with such supermarket policies.

"Current retailer statements on pigmeat buying are too hazy, and the public will not be able to tell whether the pigmeat they are buying is stalls and tethers free or not. So we are launching a surveythis week to find out exactly what the retailers policies are now and for the future," he said.

"This should then allow customers to decide between the best and worst of the retailers," he added.

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