Clean quota eases in sluggish market

By FWi Staff

CLEAN quota prices have eased slightly over the week following last weeks sluggish market and static production figures for January released by the Intervention Board.

Adequate supply and reduced demand has resulted in prices falling slightly, said a spokesman from ADAS Quota Direct.

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Bruton Knowles

Clean quota of 4% butterfat is currently trading at 34.5ppl with 3.72 at 32ppl.

Used quota prices have eased again this week, although speculative buyers are becoming a little more active, said Mark Dyson of Townsend.

Quota of 4% butterfat has dropped to 20.5ppl with 3.80% at 18.5ppl.

Forward leasing has changed very little although a spokesman from ADAS Quota Direct believes the majority of forward leased quota is priced above the current market. “And with very limited interest little quota is trading.”

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