Combine is all set

26 June 1998

Combine is all set

A FENDT combine is due to introduced to the German market later this year, which Agco claims: "Of the quality associated with the Fendt name."

Built at Dronningborgs manufacturing base at Randers, Denmark, the combines will share parts used in the MF lineup. But Agco says sophistication will come in the form of an advanced control system and operator comfort.

The initial production run is expected to be in the 300 to 400 range but expansion will see it available generally through Fendt dealers.

Other Agco news comes in the form of another acquisition by the company. This time its self-propelled sprayer manufacturer Spra-Coupe which was the possession of Ingersoll-Rand and constructed by one of its business units – Melroe.

Currently marketed in the UK by Chavtrac, the Spra-Coupe purchase provides Agco with its first taste of the sprayer business and one which is reported to be the leading brand in the under-2500 litre capacity self-propelled sprayer market.

Along with the acquisition comes Spra-Coupes ESP electrostatic application spraying system which Agco believes has a promising future in the realms of reduced spray drift and the better use of chemicals.

The transaction calls on Melroe to continue manufacture of the sprayers – an agreement which will end on Sept 30. Agco will then relocate sprayer manufacture to one of its existing facilities.

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