Commons tightens secrurity

SECURITY AT the House of Commons will be placed on high alert next week as MPs prepare to ban fox hunting, reports The Guardian.

Following security breaches on Sep 16, when several pro-hunting supporters made it in to the chamber, security officials at the House are determined not to be caught napping.

The paper claims that despite “protests and last-ditch efforts in the Lords” peers are unlikely to be successful in stopping the Commons eventually getting its way.

The speaker, Michael Martin, is expected to invoke the Parliament Act next Thurs (Nov 18) forcing through the will of MPs.

In a final stand before the bill returns to parliament the paper reports that over 1000 pro-hunt supporters gathered across the road from Downing Street as the Cabinet met.

After the meeting Phil Woolas, deputy leader of the House, stressed that next week‘s vote would be without a Whip.

The reiteration of the announcement extinguished any hopes that the government would force its MPs to vote with the government‘s policy to allow a compromise on the issue.

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