Company sees sales decline in Germany

26 October 2001

Company sees sales decline in Germany

AS IN most other European countries, BSE and foot-and-mouth have taken their toll on sales of tractors in Germany.

In Fendts home market total tractor sales have declined by 7.4% to just under 26,000 units and a further fall of 10% is expected this year.

Last year John Deere took over the mantle of market leader in Germany, pipping Fendt by just 44 units. Fendt is keen to point out, however, that it still leads in terms of total power sold.

Gobal scale

On a more global scale, last year the company sold 5500 tractors to 34 countries – 52% of its annual output.

Principal markets for Fendt tractors outside Germany include France, which takes 18% of production, Italy with 8%, the Netherlands 6% and Belgium with 2%.

Fendt is also starting to make an impression on the giant North American market. Since starting this operation in 1999 the company now claims to send 2.5% of its production to this part of the world.

The UK reported greater demand for Favorit 716 and 926 models, with sales increasing from 113 units last year to a projected 180 by year end.

Like most other machinery manufacturers, Fendt recognises eastern Europe as an important potential market – albeit one developing slowly. Fendt is continuing to push hard into these east European markets, including those of Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

The importance of expanding sales in these markets is increased by the continuing decline in tractor sales in western Europe. Between 1995 and 1999 sales there averaged 180,000 a year units but in 2000 sales had dropped 2.5% to 176,000 units, with a further fall of 10% expected this year. &#42

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