Conservation project boost for economy

14 June 2002

Conservation project boost for economy

TWO hundred farmers in north Suffolk have participated in a landscape and wildlife conservation project part-financed by the EU.

The project covered 75 parishes within an area designated as economically and socially deprived.

The EU contributed £165,000 and further funding came from local authorities, Suffolk FWAG and the individual landowners.

About 30km of new hedgerow and 16,500 trees were planted and 84 ponds and moats restored.

Roy Goodwin, of Syleham Hall Farm, Syleham, obtained money from the project to carry out pond restoration work and he later hosted a pond management workshop. "Anything which helps to revive the economy in this area is very welcome," he said.

Peter Holborn, project organiser, said: "The response from farmers and other landowners willing to undertake environmental improvements has been both heartening and remarkable." &#42

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