Consumers want traditional pork

27 November 2000

Consumers want traditional pork

By FWi staff

HALF of consumers want pork to taste like it did before production efficiency lead to lean pig meat, reveals a survey by the Bristol Meat Institute.

Traditional British breeds meet this requirement and the British Pig Association launched a “Campaign for Pedigree Pork” at the Smithfield Show.

Funding, from the England Rural Development Plan, will be to increase traditional breed sow numbers and ensure that producers get a 25% premium.

Marcus Bates, BPA general manager, said: “Producers of traditional pig breeds have the opportunity to develop niche markets, producing best-tasting pork which will gain premiums of 25%.

“We want to encourage commercial breeders of white pigs to look at traditional-breed production as an alternative business plan and encourage existing breeders to extend their herds.”

By surveying existing breeders to identify best methods of production and genetics, Mr Bates hopes the campaign will help double sow numbers.

Marketing of pedigree pork is crucial and the campaign aims to stimulate and assist producers in finding outlets for their produce, said Mr Bates.

“Producers should be looking to sell into specialist outlets such as restaurants, high-quality butchers and retailers,” he said.

“Through collaborative marketing, advertising and promotion, the value of the product will become apparent to many.”

The export market is a future goal of the campaign, said Mr Bates.

“Flavour is very important in countries such as Germany and Spain, and they will pay for premium products,” he said.

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