Controlling those pests

21 June 2002

Controlling those pests

A NEW, non-organophosphate surface treatment for the control of grain mites and other storage pests in store is now on offer from Dalgety Arable.

Developed in conjunction with Central Science Laboratories, Silica-sec is an inert material, which is harmless to humans.

Not classified as a pesticide, it is intended for use as part of an integrated storage programme and should be spread on the grain surface once the store has been loaded.

"Silica-sec has the ability to upset the outer coating of grain mites, and hence eliminate the problem," says Dalgetys Peter Corbett. It also has an effect on other grain store pests.

"It has come at just the right time as Actellic is being revoked at the end of this season, so growers would have very few options. Already it is the only choice for oilseed rape."

Available for this harvest, Silica-sec costs £48.75 for a 15kg bag.

Applied as a preventative measure, the rate is 200g/sq m, which costs 65p/sq m. As a curative treatment it should be applied at 600g/sq m.

It gives 4-6 weeks protection against infestation, depending on moisture levels. &#42

OP insecticide withdrawals make the arrival of novel inert dust-based treatment Silica Sec very timely, says Peter Corbett of Dalgety Arable.

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