Cool for spuds & quality is kept too

20 November 1998

Cool for spuds & quality is kept too

POTATO growers who require a large capacity transportable refrigerated cooling facility now have access to a 52kW system from Farm Electronics.

Cooling capacity is said to be enough for 800-900t and the unit utilises a high volume of air/t of crop stored, normally about 72cu m/hour.

This, says the company, limits the air temperature drop across the cooling coil, so reducing the moisture removed from the airstream to help safeguard the quality of the crop.

Ambient air cooling with air mixing is incorporated as an integral part of the system and – in most instances – only an electrical power supply is needed on site for the system to be fully operational.

Prices, depending on specification, start at £25,000 (01476-591592).

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