Countryside Alliance to unveil 1m fighting fund

27 July 1998

Countryside Alliance to unveil £1m fighting fund

THE Countryside Alliance is poised to unveil a £1 million fighting fund for the defence of country sports.

The money is additional to the alliances annual income of £4m. The money has come in the form of gifts from leading City figures, landowners and businessmen.

Edward Duke, the chief executive, said the £1m would pay for a network of political lobbyists, as well as education officers in urban areas. He believes there are inconsistencies the alliance can exploit in urban youth, which is inured to bloodthirsty computer games but squeamish about killing animals.

Mr Duke is still facing a revolt over his sacking of the alliances press officer, Janet George, who is making a claim for wrongful dismissal. One hunt is also threatening not to pay its annual contribution in protest at the high level of Mr Dukes salary.

  • The Daily Telegraph 27/07/98 page 6

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