Cows milk as good as baby feed

31 August 1999

Cows’ milk ‘as good as baby feed’

COWS milk is as good for many babies as expensive formula baby feeds enriched with iron, according to new research published by scientists.

The report, which makes the front page of todays Daily Mail and the inside of The Daily Telegraph, will be welcomed by hard-pressed dairy farmers.

But it will also come as a big blow for Britiains multi-million-pound baby milk industry, according to the Daily Mail.

Sales of iron-enriched baby milk have risen 150% over the past five years and the leading brands frequently cost more than £5 for 900g, says the paper.

Meanwhile, farmers have seen milk prices slump during the same period and many dairy producers are now receiving less than 17ppl.

The researchers found that mothers who give their babies formula feeds enriched with iron in preference to cows milk may not be giving their infants any advantage.

They could find no physical or mental development differences between infants fed on the formula feed and those on plain cows milk.

The government said that it stood by its recommendation that babies should not be fed cows milk until they are over one year old.

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