CPRE recognises need for change

21 June 2001

CPRE recognises need for change

By FWi staff

THE Council for the Protection of Rural England has removed the word preservation from its constitution in recognition that the countryside needs to change to survive.

The change was passed without debate at the conservation groups general council meeting in London on Wednesday (20 June).

Proposing the move, chairman of CPRE Sir David Ford said: The countryside needs to change for the better as well as being protected for what we value from the past.

We need to move rural policy beyond sterile debates about preserving the countryside in aspic to ensuring change in the countryside is change for the better.

The organisations new legal objective is to promote the improvement and protection of the English countryside and its towns and villages.

The change brings it into line with its own title. The organisation swapped the word preservation for protection in its title in 1969.

A spokeswoman said: We think it reflects the way the organisation is today.

CPRE is a powerful lobby group. It has over 57,000 supporters, a branch in every county, over 200 local groups and a national office in Westminster.


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