Cracking quality…

24 May 2002

Cracking quality…

IMPROVING egg shell quality using a feed supplement used in the layer industry halves broken egg numbers in broiler hatcheries and reduces early embryonic mortality, according to recent trial results.

In the trials, conducted by Nutec, its feed additive ProviMax was included in broiler breeder diets at levels of 1kg/t, according to nutritionist Adam Smith. "Broken egg levels were 0.8% for females and 0.5% for males in control diets. But in diets containing the additive, they were 0.4% and 0.3%, respectively.

"Early embryonic mortality in diets containing the additive was also lower at 3.9% for females and 6.6% for males, compared with 5.2% and 8.1%, respectively, for the control diet." &#42

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