Creep feeder for those extra lambs

14 January 2000


Star stud straw

RIDGE Star Journalist is the latest bull to enter Supersires stud. Sired by Juniper Rotate Jed, Journalist is said to excel on dairy strength, stature, foot angle and udders.

He offers 609kg of milk, 26.8kg of fat and 18kg of protein. With a type merit of 3.83, he now ranks number one for type in the UK, according to the company. His PLI is £86 and PIN, £71.

Straws cost £23 each (01803-869905, fax 01803-862955).

Rooting out rot

INFORMATION contained in a new guide, published by Schering-Plough promises to help producers reduce the damaging effects of foot-rot.

The guide presents a strategic approach to combating the disease which can typically cause losses of about £6.50 a ewe. Correct procedures for foot paring, and footbathing are detailed. Whole flock control including vaccination is also covered.

Free copies are available from vets, merchants and Schering-Plough (01895-626000, fax 01895-672429).

Specific advice on grass mixtures

CHECK out this years grass and clover mixtures with the Sinclair McGill Grass and Fodder Crop Handbook 2000 from Advanta Seeds.

Instead of its usual format which covers varieties for the whole of the UK, three separate catalogues for England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland are available. This means technical information is more specific to a particular country, says the company.

Information on kale, swedes, stubble turnips and forage rye is included. A free copy can be obtained by contacting (01529-304511, fax 01529-303908).

Creep feeder for those extra lambs

RUN out of extra feeding space to cater for this years new crop of lambs? Then feeder manufacturer Ritchie Farm Equipment may have the answer in the form of its Mini Model lamb creep feeder.

Providing 12 feeding spaces – six each side – the feeder weighs 50kg empty and can be manoeuvred between sites on a pair of wheels. The feeder is equipped with a full-length hinged roof and is able to contain up to 75kg of feed.

Fitted with adjustable feed spaces to accommodate lambs of varying size, the Mini Model is priced at £168 (01307-462271).

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