Farmers Weekly launches Crime Register

Farmers Weekly has launched an initiative to tackle the scourge of rural crime which is costing the industry £40m a year.

The lure for the criminals is the ease with which they can operate in the quiet lanes and fields of rural Britain. There is little connection from farm-to-farm and county-to-county.

The Farmers Weekly Crime Register, in association with Farmers and Mercantile, is an attempt to create the biggest community watch scheme in Britain.

The register is based around an online map which allows anyone to post details of a crime.

It is quick and simple to use. Details posted appear immediately on the map as an icon which can be selected according to the type of crime – arson, rustling, theft of machinery or equipment.    

Anyone visiting the FWi site can call up the details from the icon with the click of a mouse.

But the register does more. It also allows the user to select an email alert based on their chosen postcode. Any time an offence is committed within that postcode a warning email will be sent into their inbox.

Farmers Weekly News Editor Jonathan Riley said: “Rural crime is increasing and criminals are seemingly able to disappear with other people’s property without being spotted.

“The aim is for the register to be used as a tool to raise the alarm and alert those living in the countryside to be on the lookout for stolen kit or livestock”

The Farmers Weekly Crime Register is published in association with Farmers and Mercantile insurers.

Alex Wellings of Farmers & Mercantile said the insurers were keen to support farmers in the ongoing fight against farm crime.

“We are notified on a daily basis of farm crimes and these crimes can have a devastating effect on our clients’ farm businesses.   The Farmers Weekly crime register and map will provide vital up to date information about farm crime across the UK.” 

Visit the Farmers Weekly Crime Register