Dozens of fridges dumped on farmland

A fly-tipping epidemic in Hertfordshire has seen more than 120 fridges dumped on farmland and by rural roads.

Will Dickinson, who farms at Cross Farm, Harpenden, said seven fridges had been dumped in a single field – and dozens more in the surrounding area.

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“Within the five miles of the land that I farm, we have counted more than 120 fridges fly-tipped on the grass verges and in fields,” he said.

Mr Dickinson said he had tried to find out how to get rid of the fridges legitimately.

“The only place we could actually do it was with a company from Grimsby which would send a lorry down to pick them up and take them away at a cost of £35 a fridge.”

‘Biggest issue’

Rural crime – including fly-tipping – was the biggest issued faced by farmers, said Mr Dickinson, NFU regional board chairman for East Anglia.

“We are talking about crime being committed against my members nearly every single day.”

The police response was inadequate, said Mr Dickinson.

“If they want farmers to look after the environment, they have to ensure we have the tools to do the job – and frankly our local police are deliberately disengaging with fly-tipping because they see it as a council problem.”

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