NFU asks Channel 4 to pull burning bales trailer

The NFU has written to Channel 4 asking if they will stop screening an ident which shows straw bales being burnt in a field.

The trailer for the channel has been running for many months, but the union has recently heard from a member who suffered an arson attack on his farm during September of this year.

Liz Falkingham, director of communications, said: “We believe that showing the Channel 4 ident during the autumn and winter when there are bales of straw in the field, or indeed at any time of year, could encourage arson attacks. This is something that our members are feeling increasingly strongly about and so I am writing to ask that you consider dropping this particular ident from C4 programming.”

The letter points out that Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue service are reporting an increase in hay and straw fires; for examplein July there were 28 incidents in Nottinghamshire, adding up to a total loss of 1800 tonnes of hay or straw for that region’s farmers.

“Hay is a valuable winter feed for livestock and straw is used in livestock bedding,” it cotinues. “The very wet harvest this year has meant that there is a real shortage – any waste due to arson means that the farmer has to source the straw from other farms at a considerable cost. Furthermore arson attacks present a risk to livestock, buildings, crops and machinery.”

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