Cultivator makes debut

1 October 1999

Cultivator makes debut

AMAZONE chose the tillage event to provide visitors with a working demonstration of the BBG Europak 6001 cultivator following its first appearance at Cereals 99 earlier this year.

Designed for working directly into stubbles or in ploughed land, the Europak kicks off with two sets of spring-loaded wheel mark eradicator tines. After the tines, each subsequent soil conditioning unit is divided into four sections to allow an element of float on uneven ground.

These include levelling boards, crumbler rollers, three spring tine rows, more boards followed by another press. The complete unit is hydraulically positioned in and out of work from a wheel lift frame at the rear. Folding to 3m, the implement is priced at £24,950.

Also seeing soil at the Amazone plot, were the firms two heavy duty 6m drills – the Airstar Primera and Airstar Xact. As a direct drill, the Primera is equipped with chisel tines instead of discs before the coulters, which Amazone claims, are more suitable for work in stony ground.

The Xact drill, which incorporates Amazones 6m KG 603-2 folding power harrow between a 4000 litre hopper and the coulter unit, is designed for work in tough conditions.

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